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Take Two

August 3, 2011


Check your medicine cabinet. You might be surprised at what you find. Anything that “expired” in 2009? Go ahead and throw that away. It’s no good anymore. Sure, it might have only been used once. You spent $8 on that children’s cold medicine at 11:00pm because the little one couldn’t sleep. Then, it got tucked […]

Ideological Wars

July 30, 2011


We aren’t fighting a war against terrorists to win the hearts and minds of the Middle East. We are fighting it to end the threat of terrorism. Victory can’t be achieved with bullets and bombs alone. This is, at its core, an ideological war. Just as we defeated communism by defeating the communists’ ideology, we […]

Cloud Bursting

July 24, 2011


Losing Track of Time

July 23, 2011


Fffpppppttt… Gone. Minutes have disappeared. It happens at all times during the day. Sometimes in the morning, I’ll sit up for a minute and take a moment to prepare for the onslaught of day.  Today, four minutes went by as I sat there. After my morning pee, I head downstairs to let the dog out […]

Don’t Sit in the Aisle

July 6, 2011


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think a bookstore is a library, and I don’t treat it like one. I have a perfectly good local library I can abuse. And we’ve abused it enough. And we’ve contributed to the additional abuse it can hope to have in the future. But, bookstores are in the business […]

Why Do We Worship Wheels?

July 2, 2011


Americans are obsessed with cars. There are almost as many cars as people. 246 million to 300 million Well, that’s close. Fuzzy math? Anyway. I’ve been guilty in the past of being car obsessed. Almost every American boy goes through some sort of obsession with car magazines. It begins at a fairly young age when […]

Infographics Galore

June 29, 2011