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Cabin Fever

July 22, 2011


Summer is in slow swing. Not full swing.  Not even half swing. We wake up late.  Go to sleep late. Do one thing in the oppressive heat and call it quits. Do the dog park. Do dinner. Whew.  Exhausted.  When’s bedtime? This summer has been the first time where I’ve done almost nothing. Last summer, […]

Storybird Story

July 13, 2011


I’ve written a story, It’s simple and true. About our journey To the ocean so blue. Click on the image If you want to see A beautiful story Created by me.

A Day As A Father

June 24, 2011


Since 2006, I’ve written about Father’s Day once. That’s not a great track record. I’m not sure why. Maybe they weren’t that memorable. Besides, it’s just another day. But, this year it was a little different. The morning started as my other Minnesota mornings: a run. Sunday was preceded by nearly 13 miles of running, […]

Today & Tomorrow

May 22, 2011


1.  Friends from oversea will arrive within a few hours. 2.  We will relax and enjoy their company. 3.  We will eat and drink and be merry. 4.  I must attend my school’s graduation on Monday. 5.  We will go pick up our wedding license. 6.  We will finish packing up the cars. 7.  We […]

Once upon a time

May 13, 2011


You sent me this card. I kept it because I loved you. I love you more today. Now, instead of cards, you give me looks and kisses. No more long distance love chats until 3:00 am and no more phone calls until 4:00 am convincing you to be mine. Soon, you will say “I do.” […]

Our Future

May 5, 2011


When I abandoned my old blog I left with some thoughts about what had happened and where I was going.  My life now began a few years ago with this beautiful card sent by a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart.  In it was a simple message of love and hope.  It came with a […]