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August 4, 2011


There’s always a story. You’ve heard people start to tell you a story and then say, “you probably don’t want to know because it’s complicated.”  They want to tell you the story.  They want you to ask them for the story. Those stories are simple stories with no earned drama.  The drama is in getting […]

Take Two

August 3, 2011


Check your medicine cabinet. You might be surprised at what you find. Anything that “expired” in 2009? Go ahead and throw that away. It’s no good anymore. Sure, it might have only been used once. You spent $8 on that children’s cold medicine at 11:00pm because the little one couldn’t sleep. Then, it got tucked […]

The Next Three Days

August 2, 2011


We’re down to three days.  Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. Then, we’re gone. Three of us.  Three days. One dog.  One car. We’re thankful to be leaving. We’re thankful to have you following. Hopefully our escape won’t be as exciting as Russell Crowe breaking his wife out of prison in the movie above. Although, hmm…  

Pretty Pathetic

August 1, 2011


We remarked on it when we first started packing. It all came down to a few tiny boxes.  That’s all she had left. She had a small tin box of plastic toys. She had a few puzzles. She had a box of dress-up clothes and costumes. She had the art supplies. It was that small […]

One Week

July 29, 2011


Next Friday we leave. It will be our 1st Never-Annual Gumball 3000 Coast-To-Coast Rally Reverse. 1 Car.  3000 miles. You can follow “live” here by checking on the blog for my “potentially daily” updates on the sights and sounds of the journey. I’ll give fantastically interesting accounts of our gas consumption, mileage, and gustatory selections. […]

Finding Fish 2

July 27, 2011


Day 2 – After a fun day of fishing yesterday, she wanted to go back again and fish some more.  We needed to go to the store to get smaller hooks (the fish were too small for the hooks we used) and a few items.  We went to get outfitted (along with some fudge), and […]


July 26, 2011


“The troubles of modern life come from being divorced from nature.” Isaac Asimov Her first fish was a Red Ear Sunfish. Standard ultra light rod and reel.  4lb test monofilament.  Small hook and live earthworm.  2 foot lead from small red/white bobber. She had trouble casting over the edge of the railing, so I cast it […]