Rules I Follow

Live your life fully.  But, don’t live it like you’re dying.  You already are.

Try it, even if you’re afraid you’ll fail.

Learn from your mistakes.  But, learn quickly so not to make them again.

Teach others about your failures, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Be thankful for everything big and small; especially big hugs from small children.

Take action, instead of words.  Use words, instead of action.

Know when to keep silent.  Know when to take action.

Be original.  Unless you aren’t.  Then plagiarize like hell.

Be creative.  But, know you aren’t an artist.

Don’t believe everything you read.  Even if you wrote it.

Be spiritual; not dogmatic.  Be liberal; not rabid.

Laugh at yourself.  But, only when you’re alone.

What’s inside counts.  Unless it’s a doughnut.

Don’t be a victim to the rules you live by.  But, have a few rules that you follow.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Seriously.

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