When in Rome

Posted on July 14, 2012


Don’t do as the Romans do.

The locals will most likely think you’re some sort of douche nozzle.

Likewise, if you come to Chinatown, do not pretend to do as the locals do.

You see, even though they sell those lovely hats that Chinese people wear for good reasons, you should not go to Chinatown and wear them and walk around bowing at everyone.

Our most recent trip to Chinatown, SF was interrupted by a boisterous group of Spanish teenage tourists who were wearing the hats and going in to the shops and bowing and making all sorts of ridiculous gestures and sounds.

I thought they were little twerps. I’m sure they didn’t think they were being offensive. They just were joking around.

Yet, I really wanted to go to their city, and don one of those stereotypical sombrero hats and say ridiculous Spanish phrases and do wild gesticulations. I wondered what offense they would take.

Really, what offense would anyone take at people making fun of their culture?

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