Hi, Verdell!

Posted on July 12, 2012


Hi, Verdell! 😀

First, kudos on using your internet to “accidentlycame” across my photos. I just G-gled myself and you are rightly inclined to suggest I meet each other. I didn’t know there were others who had my name!

I am confused as to why you ask for my name when you sent an email to my account that uses my actual name.

But, do go on and tell me more about yourself. DO YOU LIKE YELLING RANDOMLY about your exciting travels?

I don’t recommend traveling by walking the entire planet. There are a few problems (caused mostly by climate change) that will prevent you from making it all the way around. And no, that isn’t a dream. It’s for real. You should check out the weather in the U.S. lately. It’s scary.

Unfortunately, I’m not that interesting and the stories I tell are not live. They are generally dead fictional stories about things that never happened.

I’m not sure what kind of man you think I am, nor am I exactly sure of that question’s legitimacy. What exactly does it mean when someone asks that?

Well, I’m flattered you find me attractive, I must say that I am not interested in someone who butchers the English language.

Unfortunately, I do think you are crazy.

You are not the perfect time to write back. That didn’t even make sense.

Are you excited?

Talk to you never.


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