Hey!! I’m Verdell!:)

Posted on July 10, 2012


Let me tell how I managed to find you. I was surfing through sites and accidentlycame across ur photos and I thought that it is ok if I suggest him meeting each other, right?)
So I am Verdell and I hope you will write me back and tell me your name.)
As I am the first one to write then I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m pretty interesting girl and I’m a person who really enjoys travelling SOOO MUCH that I am even ready to take a walk around the entire planet until the  moment when I will meet a man who I’d fall in love with and stay with him wherever he goes and whatever happens. Dreaming is not prohibited, right?) sure, you might think that it sounds like wishful thinking, however I wish it is possible.) Alright, I love meeting new interesting people who may tell me plenty of interesting live stories that really happened.
Anyway, what kind of man are you? You r attractive, I know it for sure.) What r u interesting in? I hope you won’t think that I’m just crazy and you’ll tell me about yourself.)
I the perfect time to write me back is… uhm… tomorrow?))
I am really excited about your answer. Please, write me back.
Talk to you later

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