Natural Disasters

Posted on July 31, 2011


The tropical wave sitting just east of the northern Windward and Leeward islands could develop fast.

I have a history.

When I leave a place, a natural disaster strikes.

Left Corpus Christi the summer 1980.  Hurricane Allen struck that fall.

Left Houston the summer 1983.  Hurricane Alicia struck that fall.

Left San Francisco Bay Area in 1987.  The great earthquake of 1989 struck.

Left south Florida in 1992.  Hurricane Andrew struck the next day.

Visited DC in the fall of 1996.  Blizzard struck that winter.

It’s not a good track record.

And it might get worse.

We’re planning on leaving Friday.  There’s a tropical wave with a 90% chance of development sitting about 1600 miles away.  Forecast tracks place it on route to south Florida sometime Friday or Saturday.

That’s cutting it a bit too close.

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