Finding Fish 2

Posted on July 27, 2011


Same outfits. Different day. The Girl brings in a wallop of a fish. She looks very serious, but is thrilled inside. She will later tell everyone she meets how she went fishing. I only hope that she'll write a future blog post about her first fishing forays with her Appa.

Day 2 – After a fun day of fishing yesterday, she wanted to go back again and fish some more.  We needed to go to the store to get smaller hooks (the fish were too small for the hooks we used) and a few items.  We went to get outfitted (along with some fudge), and came home ready for a second day of early morning fun.

Day 2 started even earlier than Day 1.  Sometime around 6:20 am, The Girl walked into our room and said something along the lines of “is it still early enough to go fishing?”  Then she climbed into bed and snuggled up Kokkiree for a few while I tried to fathom how it was possible for a child, who so reluctantly gets out of bed for school, could be up so early to go fishing again.

We eventually got up and I made coffee and a quick bite to eat for The Girl.  She was pretty excited, and so we took off to the same hole (we knew there would be fish), and we thought that with the new hooks, we’d catch one easily.

After a few tries, she finally got the hang of it and picked up a small one all by herself.  It was even smaller than the ones yesterday, but that didn’t matter.  For her, just catching them was fun enough.

Kokkiree even got into the action bringing in a small one.  We caught six today, and that was enough fun for the morning.  Of course, we drove around and let her play on the playground for a bit.  She hadn’t been to one if in quite some time.

Then, back home to clean up, relax, and eat.

Here’s the formula for catching panfish in Florida.

Size 4 or 6 hook.

Small piece of earthworm.


Split shot.

Ultralight tackle.

A little kid.

And a little patience.

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