Losing Track of Time

Posted on July 23, 2011


Luckily I have this watch to help me keep time. A gift from Kokkiree, it serves me well. It also never dies.



Minutes have disappeared.

It happens at all times during the day.

Sometimes in the morning, I’ll sit up for a minute and take a moment to prepare for the onslaught of day.  Today, four minutes went by as I sat there.

After my morning pee, I head downstairs to let the dog out of her crate.  I took her outside and let her run around the yard.  It was steaming hot already and I couldn’t wait to get back inside and relax in the cool air.

Once inside, I rummaged around the kitchen a bit, put food in the dog bowl, and stood there wondering if I was going to make coffee now or wait until Kokkiree got up.  I checked the clock and thought what time I should make it.  As I thought about this, I watched the dog amble aimlessly in circles.  I looked up at the clock and another four minutes were gone.

This happens a lot.  I’ll start reading something and get completely sidetracked into doing something else and next thing I know twelve minutes gone here, fourteen minutes gone there.

Sometimes it happens while I am reading.  I’ll completely lose track of everything.  I won’t even know what it was I just read, and so I’ll go back and start reading again.  This also happens in student papers, which isn’t a good thing while grading.

This new time suck coincides with our lazy summer days.  I think that the heat is also causing a melting of time.  Seconds melt into minutes into hours.

You can sit there and blink and half an hour has gone by.

I do worry about losing time.  I think that sitting around and wasting too much time is dangerous for your physical health, and I wonder if summers are also bad for people’s mental health.

There’s that old adage that summer months are for recharging your brain and energy.  But, I’m not buying that.

If you’ve ever recharged a battery, you know that you have to actually plug it in for it to charge up.

Summer is a time where you completely unplug from the routine of being a teacher.  You make all these grand plans to do something creative and productive like write a novel, or build a ship in a bottle, or plan a cross-country trip.

But, in the end, you barely make it through the first book on your “100 Books I Should Read Before I Retire And Die” list.

It’s okay, you tell yourself.  I’m not going to die anytime soon.

As long as I get plugged in soon.

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