Cabin Fever

Posted on July 22, 2011


Visual Example: You can find The Girl and The Dog doing this at least once every hour in the house.

Summer is in slow swing.

Not full swing.  Not even half swing.

We wake up late.  Go to sleep late.

Do one thing in the oppressive heat and call it quits.

Do the dog park.

Do dinner.

Whew.  Exhausted.  When’s bedtime?

This summer has been the first time where I’ve done almost nothing.

Last summer, I’d wake up early and take The Girl to track practice or private coaching.  We’d be there for two hours or so and then come back home.  We’d eat lunch and then go to the dog park.  We’d come home and read some or go somewhere fun.  Then, we’d rest a bit and play and color and rest a bit and play. Sometimes we would go for a swim.  Then, we’d start thinking about dinner.  I’d plan on making something special for when Kokkiree came home.  We’d head back to the dog park and Kokkiree would show up after work.  We’d then come home and we’d all make nicey nice family time.

Our summer so far has been like this.

Uhhhh…wake up.  Sometime.

Make coffee.

Take dog outside.

Stare at the sun and wonder why it’s so hot so early late in the morning.

Check emails and FB and Google+ and blogs.

Serve coffee to the now awake Kokkiree.

Putz around the house.

Read some articles online.

Write a few sentences of a blog post.

Do something halfway productive like pack a box.

Putz around on the computer.

Read some articles online.

Write a few sentences of the same blog post.

Maybe eat something.  Maybe go do an errand.

Decide that maybe we should actually eat something.

Go to dog park instead.

Finally decide we must absolutely eat something and go to dinner.

Come home to relax from all that excitement.  Read some more and putz around some more.

All of this lazying around doesn’t do The Girl any good.  She was going stir crazy. She had the cabin fever.  It’s deadly.  It causes hiccups in the daily routine. There are whirlwinds of mass hysteria floating through the house.

Mostly, it’s our fault.  It’s summer.  She wakes up late.  Goes to sleep late.  Keeps coming out at night to interrupt our “grown-up” time.

So today, I woke her up early.  9am.  Brutal.  Mean mean Appa.

Then, I let the dog in to attack her face with licks.

Then, we farted around inside the house. Literally.

Then, I made her ride her bike outside.

Then, we putzed around again.

Then, we took her to see Winnie the Pooh!!!

She giggled a lot.  She had fun.  I giggled, too.

Then, we went to dog park.

Then, we did dinner!

Then, she played a few games with Kokkiree.

Then, we ate dessert!

Then, I brought her toothbrush down for her to brush! (This is a major step for me.  I normally get her to go upstairs by herself.  This causes headaches and much whining.  I bring it down.  No whining tonight.)

Upstairs for wash and bedtime story.

Voila!!!! She hasn’t come out.  She fell asleep.

She told us tonight that sometimes she dreams of flying, but other times she dreams of monsters.

I hope tonight, she dreams of giant sea of “hunny” where Gwa-il plays fetch endlessly to the sunset as Kokkiree and I float on our backs watching summer days fade slowly away to west coast dreams.