A Second Silent Summer

Posted on July 21, 2011


Getty Images - It's perfectly fine for human consumption. Trust us. We're the government.

Just like that, more news about the EPA and the environment.

I thought my post about the troubled waters of our Gulf was timely.

Then, today I read that the EPA is about to release a report on the pesticide atrazine that is a known harmful agent to humans.  However, the EPA is also meeting behind closed doors with Syngenta Corporation about their premier product.

I find it interesting that the any government agency meets behind closed doors with corporations that are out to make money off the government.

On May 14, 2008, Senator John Kerry asked Dr. Alderson of the FDA why they relied on studies done and furnished by the very corporations that were asking for approval on food and drug products.  Dr. Alderson had no response except that the FDA always relied on findings and studies done by the companies that were looking for approval.  Doesn’t that make you feel safe?

When Senator Kerry asked if they ever ask for independent research, Dr. Alderson said, “no.”

“This is a disgrace,” Senator Kerry said.  “You are not protecting the American people.” (find this scene in the film Tapped: The Movie)

All of this was about BPA and how the FDA allowed a known toxic substance to be included in everything we drink and eat (think nearly all plastic and metal food containers).

So why don’t I trust the FDA, EPA, or any other “A” from the government?

Let’s take a look at who Obama has put in charge of protecting our health.

Elena Kagan – Supreme Court Justice.  As Solicitor General she sided with Monsanto against organic farmers who were trying to protect their alfalfa crops from GMO alfalfa produced by Monsanto.

Islam Siddiqui – US Agricultural Trade Representative.  He was a former registered lobbyist for Monsanto and Syngenta.  Worked against requiring GMO labels on foods in Japan.  Actively promoted GMO foods in the EU.  Celebrated the defeat of California proposition by local farmers to ban GMO crop cultivation.

Michael R. Taylor – Deputy Commissioner of Foods at the FDA.  Worked as a lawyer representing Monsanto. Worked as VP of Public Policy at Monsanto.  In favor of spreading GMO crops in Africa and land grabs to sustain American food interests in the name of promoting “green” revolution to the poor sub-Saharan African continent.

Thomas Vilsack – USDA Chief.  As the Secretary of Agriculture, Vilsack oversees agricultural output of our industrial farms.  He is an active supporter of GMOs and large industrial farming.  As governor of Iowa he blocked local communities from regulating where genetically modified crops could be cultivated, thus ensuring GMO cross-pollination in local Iowa farms.  Most recently, he supported Monsanto’s ability to grow GMO alfalfa for the feeding of factory cows.

I can only hope that people will be more aware of what is happening and with the power of their dollar as the consumer, try and boycott Monsanto products and their ilk.  Writing letters doesn’t seem to work.  But, taking away their money does.