How To Procrastinate All Summer

Posted on July 17, 2011


The following is a top 10 list of ways a teacher can be completely unproductive during the summer:

10.  Pretend to actually write by writing blog posts about how you pretend to actually write.

9.  Read news about how weird Florida is in order to justify moving to another state where there are just as many strange news stories.

8.  Plan and plan and plan for alternate routes and stops along the cross-country trip to California.

7.  Take a lot of “breaks” from what you are doing by checking your email, play with the dog, or wander aimlessly around the house pretending to look at things with a significant seriousness.

6.  Pack a box for the move.

5.  Take the dog outside and throw the ball around.  Use your left arm since the right arm is starting to get sore from throwing the ball too much.

4.  Sit and think.  Look at a book you want to read.  Read a few pages.  Sit and think some more.

3.  Play with The Girl.  Kiss The Wife.

2.  Check Facebook and play on Facebook.

1.  Check Google+ and play with Google+.

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