Seventy Miles Makes All The Difference

Posted on July 16, 2011


We started stay-cations as a way to get out of the house and enjoy our lives.

Escape an hour this way or two hours that way.

This time we went seventy miles.

There’s something strange that happens the second you move an hour out of the area.

Things seem a bit more normal.

You can tell from the “together-with-it-ness” of a fast-food drive-thru.  You can tell from the public free beach parking.  You can tell from the public free Shakespeare in the park performances.  You can tell from the general politeness and consideration given in almost all facets of life.

We’re not talking about people from a different state.  We’re talking about people who just happen to live in a different county.

That’s all it seems to take.

But, no matter what, Florida is still Florida.

For example, there is a “boil water” order for local areas.  It is the second time eight months that this same municipality has had to issue such a warning.

A local man has been accused of trying to get his ex-girlfriend fall in love with him again by having her kidnapped, and then pretending to rescue her.  Of course, he was already on probation for aggravated stalking of her two years ago.

A man from the Keys had his nipple bitten off and was nearly stabbed to death while he slept.  Why? He apparently made fun of her hair-do in a local bar and basically called her a dumb blonde.

Maybe we’ll go a bit farther than seventy miles?  How does 3000 miles sound?