How much beach is too much beach?

Posted on July 15, 2011



Three times in 24 hours?
Four times in 30 hours?
Our stay-cation turned into beach-palooza.
We went twice yesterday as I wrote, and then again twice today. Of course today’s first trip was punctuated by a meal and a nap. Or maybe I was the only one napping.
I woke up from my “nap” to see the sky gray and heard some thunder rolling distantly. So, The Girl and I took a quick walk outside to assess the situation and found that it would most likely stay clear at the beach.
I pride myself on being a relatively good weather tracker. I might walk outside and see that there are storm clouds and can predict that it is probably going to rain with a 50% accuracy. I’m that good. So, my prediction that it would be fine at the beach was almost as good as gold.
So off we went for our final beach outing.
The sun was still peeking through, but the sand wasn’t burning the feet, the tide was higher, and the people were fewer. The waves were still calm and flat. It was perfect for The Girl to hone her ocean-swimming skills (I told her she had to be a proficient ocean fish before I taught her how to surf).
Kokkiree and The Girl took off for the water as I made a secondary encampment of our gear. The first location was tainted by someone’s dog pooping in the water.
Please do not let your dog poop in the water. And no, it wasn’t Gwa-il. She pooped right next to the group of people who owned the dog that pooped in the water.
Anyway, once settled we started playing and swimming and running. This will be one of the things I miss about Florida. I will miss the huge smile of Kokkiree and The Girl as they sit in the ocean. I will miss the happy barking soaking-wet dog asking for the ball to be thrown just once more.
But, mother nature also offers herself in California. I hear they have nice beaches there. Maybe I will post east coast versus left coast beach pics.
Soon, my friends. Soon.
I know. I can’t wait, either.

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