Have dog, will travel

Posted on July 14, 2011



It isn’t all that easy to take a dog everywhere you want.
Last time we went to Minnesota, Gwa-il stayed at the doggy hotel where she could play all day.
However, with an upcoming cross-country move, we have to plan on stopping at dog-friendly places.
So we decided to take a test-run and see how she managed.
Actually, we just wanted to get out and have a mini-vacation to interrupt our daily routine of packing and donating and putzing around.
Kokkiree asked late last night and so off we went today and found a nice quiet hotel far enough away to make it feel like an actual trip.
We went to the beach first, then checked in to the hotel. Went to the pool for a little bit. Set out for an early dinner, and then back to the hotel to rest before heading back to the beach for more fun.
I thought everyone would be asleep, but it is almost midnight and The Girl is still awake. We thought all the beach air would tire her out, but it seems she didn’t get enough.
However, the thing I was thinking about yesterday and today was why more places don’t allow dogs, even if they have spacious outdoor seating. Luckily, we found a decent enough place that served us and allowed Gwa-il to sit with us outside.
But, in reality, the dog is quiet and doesn’t bother anyone.
Yet, we let children to sit inside restaurants and disturb the peace.
Last night, we went to get a quick dinner at a local place we have frequented. As soon as we opened the door the obnoxious yelling and incessant chatter of 10 year-old boys flooded the parking lot. The parents were completely ignoring the boys, and the dads were all sitting together on the opposite end. The mothers were in the middle, but were still doing nothing to stop the boys from making the loudest noise of anyone in the entire restaurant.
But, these were once again typical Florida parents who seemingly had children because they simply had the body parts to make something. I imagine it like the scene from Young Frankenstein, as he yells “It’s alive!!”
The arguments against letting dogs into establishments has to do with issues of cleanliness, but these boys were wearing their football under-garments. I guarantee they were far more dirty than Gwa-il. Plus, they made more noise and a bigger mess.
So either we need to pass a new law requiring establishments to muzzle unruly children and van them from establishments, while encouraging more dog-friendly establishments.

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