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Posted on June 28, 2011


We have begun to box up our life in Florida.

We began not too long ago with books.

We rid ourselves of a lot of the doubles we had.  I also rid myself of a lot of books that I liked, but that knew I would never read again.  Why not share the wealth of knowledge?

It was nearly two hundred books.

You’re welcome, local library.

Then, since we were rid of so many books, we didn’t need all those bookshelves.  Four of those are now gone.

Then, we started thinning out the clothes.  Bags and bags of unused and unworn clothes.

Household goods gone.  Small TV gone.  Miscellany gone.

Then, we started in on the big stuff.

Donated the sleeper sofa.

Since tons of clothes are gone we donated a dresser.

Tomorrow we are eliminating more from our lives: two twin bed mattress sets, a queen bed frame, and a twin bed frame (shown above).  Hopefully they’ll take it all.

In addition, we’re donating four big bags of The Girl’s toys and additional items around the house that we no longer need.  This will be the third filled car of items we take to the donation center.

And, in addition to that, we’re handing down several items to a local colleague of mine who should be picking those items up a.s.a.p. (I’ve given her several opportunities yet she hasn’t made the quick response to come over and get them despite the fact that she lives less than a mile away).

And yet, we’re still not finished donating things.  I have a feeling we’ll get rid of the computer desk (a new home computer may be in the works) and also the desk chair.

Within just a few days Kokkiree has boxed up a dozen boxes of books and other things.  There are now about 30 boxes packed up in the house.

She asked, “what are we going to do when everything is boxed up?”

I said that I thought it would take a while for us to be finished.  It seemed like there was so much stuff.  But, after today, and hopefully tomorrow, it looks like we may have a lot less packing to do than we thought.  I know packing up dishes and kitchen things can take a while.  Since those are last things to get packed (we do need to cook and eat), we aren’t in a rush for that stuff to be boxed up.  However, it is going much faster than I thought it would go.

“You do realize I’ve moved like ten thousand times (no exaggeration),” she said.  “It won’t take us two months to pack everything up.”

“Yes it will,” I said.

I was recalling how much packing still needed to be done when I helped her move from Minnesota to Florida.

“There’s really not that much left,” she had said.  “It’s pretty much done.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I had said.  “I’ll help you once I arrive.”

Famous last words uttered over the phone.

I was imagining handfuls of things to be done, and was being the awesome hero by swooping in and whipping through the house boxing up goods in a jiffy.

That wasn’t exactly the case.  It was more like armfuls.  Several armfuls.

So, when I first hear Kokkiree make pronouncements about how quickly we’ll be done packing the Florida house, I have a few doubts running in my mind.

Yet, by now, I should have learned something.  She is nearly always right.  I’m not just saying that because a husband is supposed to say that.  I’m saying that because she has made these predictions in the past about certain events and she’ll say, “mark my words” or “how much do you want to bet” and I’ll kind of just laugh it off and think to myself that it probably won’t happen and then BAM it happens exactly like she said it would happen and I feel really stupid for not listening to her or taking her advice and so I always end up saying, “you’re right.  You’re always right.

So, now that I’ve seen how fast she can box up a house, and how quickly she can make decisions on what to give away and what to keep, I’m pretty sure she is the hero in the family swooping around boxing things up.

But, just to test that theory, I wanted to see if her quickness applied to other arenas.

It did.  From kick boxing to house boxing to batters box….es?  She’s good with all things related to boxes.

By the way, the lady gave us a crappy bat that had to have been a kid’s size.  It was more like holding a jumbo corn dog than an actual bat.  Plus, the pitching machine was weak as crap and barely got the ball over the plate (why must everything if Florida be crappy).  Yet, she still managed to knock off a few (despite her unorthodox swing and bat position – see that stance).

It isn’t all serious packing furor in the house these days.  We take time to have some fun, we putz around the house.  We blog.

That same day we hit golf balls with The Girl (who is getting much better).  Kokkiree hit some range balls also (she hits a 6 iron the same exact distance as a 3 iron – go figure).

So, as Kokkiree asked, what exactly do we do once everything is boxed up and we’re sitting in a house filled with boxes?

Kokkiree said it best when she told me, “You come to realize the only good things Florida has to offer is it’s natural resources.  Fruit, seafood, beach, sunshine, weather.  Everything else pretty much sucks.”

Guess that’s what we’ll do once the house is packed and we’re living out of suitcases and boxes.  We’ll just eat some cut mango and sit on a beach somewhere while a bonfire cooks some fresh seafood.

Cue up some Jimmy Buffet.

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