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Posted on June 25, 2011


As you may know by my earlier post, I really like graphs.

I think they’re simple and elegant.  They tell us a lot of completely useless information in a condensed frame.

The graph here shows the rise in “megacities” as noted by the BBC news.  Click on it and play around with all the stuff they have.

By “megacity” they do indicate that it includes the entire surrounding area.  This is why Tokyo is listed at over 30 million (seems recent estimates place 35 million people within the Greater Tokyo area).  I had no idea that New York was nearly 20 million in size.

Anyway, I don’t think the rise of these megacities is a good thing for the world.  Most of them are in low lying coastal towns that will eventually succumb to the rising oceans from the melting glaciers that have been affected by global warming.

However, when the American coastal towns are getting flooded, and it’s really hot outside, I know just the place to go for a beer: Wisconsin.

It seems that Wisconsin boasts the highest “Bar to Grocery Store” ratio than any other state in America.

If you click on it, you can also see other lovely charts to amuse your friends!

Finally, once you’ve had your fill of beer, you might want a burger to soak up the alcohol (that doesn’t actually work).

Just try not to make it a McDonald’s burger?  Do you see that weird anomaly in the middle of Texas and Oklahoma?  That’s Sonic.  How the heck did that happen?

Sonic was founded in Oklahoma and accounts for 271 locations in that state alone.  Since Oklahomans spend an average of 55 cents of every dollar on fast food, there’s going to be a significant portion of that spent on Sonic.

When we move to California, I’m hoping to try and put a dent in that McDonald’s domination by spending my money at In N Out Burger.  This “Mom & Pop” style restaurant doesn’t do frozen.  Everything is fresh.  Plus, the company pays the employees well over the minimum wage.  They buy local and grind the meat daily.  They don’t use ammonia, and they seem to try and buy organic.

Sounds like the kind of company I want to support.

Mmmm…fresh burgers.

Of course, The Girl just got a book that tells all about snot and blood and all the icky stuff inside.

Somehow that book has informed her that eating burgers is bad for you.

How un-American is that?

Almost as un-American as an anal probe on Father’s Day!

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