Minnesota Nice

Posted on June 16, 2011


We’re on vacation.

Sort of.

There’s stuff that must be done.

But, for the most part, we’re here to see some family and relax.

Besides the fact that the sun was glowing a dusky pink against a soft blue sky at 9:00 pm and didn’t fully set until after 9:30 pm, there are other things that make Minnesota one of those interesting places.

On the flight, I made the silly comment that, “there sure are a lot of lakes.”

Kokkiree laughed at me and asked, “Did you really just say that?”

Yeah, I know it’s called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”  But, really?  Really?

Really.  I counted like 273 lakes just in our fly over from Cincinnati.

I live in Florida, the land of swamp and lakes, and yet the majority of the lakes in south Florida are actually man-made lakes that were created after the swamps were deliberately dried up and then the dry land deliberately dredged up in order to raise the surrounding land to build sprawling suburban developments that will remain 70% unoccupied.

Here, the lakes are pristine wilderness.

But, really, the biggest difference you will immediately notice is the Minnesota Nice.

Sure, there are debates on whether it should instead be considered “Minnesota Ice,” but I have seen the light.

In Florida, the servers tend to be quick, gruff, and machine-like.

In Minnesota, the servers tend to be sweet, kind, and conversational.

In Florida, you might go to the store and the cashier says “sign this” or “swipe here” or just “sign.”  Then, they shove the receipt in the bag and hand it to you without even looking at you and starting on the next customer.

In Minnesota, you might go to the store and the cashier says, “Hi, how are you? Did you find everything? Please sign here. Thank you for coming! Come back again!”

In Florida, at the green and white grocery store, they have computer screens that tell them what to actually say to the customer as they are checking out.

Yet, I’ve yet to actually here the cashier say the words that flash on the screen.

The computer tells them that they must thank the customer and ask them to come again.

Perhaps I’ve just mentally checked out of Florida.  Perhaps I’m mentally done with Florida.  Perhaps Florida just sucks.

Sure, there are redeeming qualities to the state.  But, the more you’ve lived and traveled elsewhere, the more you realize that other places have so much more to offer.

Which is probably why you don’t hear about Florida hospitality.

The best thing you get are gag postcards of morbidly obese people in tiny swimsuits with red sunburns lying on the sand of some generic stretch of beach.

Yeah.  I’m ready to leave.

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