School’s Out For Summer?

Posted on June 13, 2011


Last Friday The Girl and I went to the bookstore to perhaps get a few books (courtesy of a student’s end-of-year gift card).

There, she spent quite some time lying on the floor and looking at about four flip books on the human body and brain.  She went through each one and examined it all.  Not sure if this means she will end up a doctor, but she sure has an interest in the way the human body works.

We ended up buying two books for her to read.  Nicholas (translated from French) and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The test was to read The Girl a few pages of each and then see how she reacted.  She giggled at them both and asked for more, which was why I bought them and brought them home.

We read a the first two chapters of the The Fantastic Mr. Fox and then stopped to do all the other things we were doing.

Today, at some point in our morning routine, she picked up the book and started reading it to herself.  She sat on the couch while I did my summer online reading.

She sat there and sat there and sat there.

She read and read and read.

She stopped to ask me a question here and there.  She stopped to show me a picture here and there.  She stopped to eat lunch.

Sometime during lunch I mentioned that we had the movie.

“We can maybe watch it when you finish the book,” I said.

She stopped eating her salt and pepper squid and started reading the book again.

At one point during the day, I had to actually tell her to take a break.

She decided to do math.

Six pages of math.

But, she quickly returned to the book and started proudly announcing which chapter she was on.

“Look, chapter 12!”

“I’m now on chapter 13.”

“Chapter 14, here I go!”

I stopped her and asked her to recount what she had read.  What was Mr. Badger doing? Why were there three men hunting this fox?  Where are the animals living?

She told me, and so I decided to read a few chapters to her.

Late in the afternoon she announced she had finished reading the entire book and could we please watch the movie?

I told her that maybe tonight with mommy.

So guess what we did.  Family night with Chinese food in front of the TV watching the Wes Anderson adaptation.

She giggled and she smiled.  She noted the differences and the similarities.

Read the book, then watch the movie.

Summer school is in session.