Weekends Are Busy

Posted on June 12, 2011


Despite claiming that I would just putz around all summer, there are far too many things to do.

Since the last day of work (Friday), we’ve done the following things:

1.  Went to the bookstore to get The Girl a few new books.

2.  Cleaned the house.

3.  Packed up a few more boxes.

4.  Made decisions on several donation items.

5.  Dropped off donation items.

6.  Went to Home Depot for more boxes.

7.  Oil Change.

8.  Dog Beach.

9.  Rock Band.

And that’s not counting all the times we have to stop for bathroom breaks, food breaks, putzing around breaks, and nap breaks.

That’s right, I like my naps.

Hopefully, the week won’t be as busy as the weekend.

Summers sure are strange.

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