Two Cents

Posted on June 8, 2011


For what’s it worth – and truly, it isn’t worth much – this school isn’t all bad.

It’s just misguided and mismanaged and micromanaged so poorly that a teacher’s love for teaching is secondary, while the job comes first.

Teachers tend to justify the bad parts of the job – crossing the proverbial “t” and dotting the insolent “i” – as small sacrifices for doing something they love.

“You do it for the children,” is the maxim that is floated around.

And that’s what is one thing that is good about the school.  Most of the quality teachers I’ve encountered in my six years here – and there aren’t many – actually do believe in making it about the students.  They value the student’s well-being and attempt to challenge the students to do something greater.

And that’s the other thing I will miss about the school.  There have been students who have really been responsive to being challenged, and appreciate my toughness and high-expectations.  Those few will be missed, and will hopefully remember some lessons for their future.

I also know that everything is relative.

If someone asked me what makes my student more special than another student at another school, I would probably have only one response.  Because I knew my student, and I worked with my student, and I felt my student’s success.  You cheer for your own.

That is what makes teaching such an exciting profession.  Every teacher should have those moments and those students that justify the job.

After all, you don’t do it for the money.

You do it for the children.

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