Three is the magic number

Posted on June 7, 2011


Yes, it is.

Three Jewels, Trimurti, Holy Trinity.

Three dimensions, three color perceptions, three parts of atoms.

Three galaxy classifications, three generations of matter, third rock from the sun.

With only three days left, I thought I’d get three things checked off my to-do list.

#1 – Pack up all materials in an orderly file to hand over to department head to bequeath to whomever will be doing my job next year.  Pointless to keep all the good stuff to yourself.  Share the wealth.

#2 – Make inventory of all items in room (two garbage cans, one file cabinet, 37 student desks, etc.) and get signed off by appropriate personnel.

#3 – Give away office plants and all office materials that I will not pack up for moving.  I gave away filing trays, books, materials, and office supplies.

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