Five Days

Posted on June 5, 2011


With five more days left before summer is officially here, I thought I’d do a list (in honor of my wife who loves lists).

The following is a list of the five things I will not miss about my job.

#5 – Having to listen during lunch to inappropriately dressed women discuss boob jobs, liposuction, how much breast-feeding sucks, use of nannies, and shopping.

#4 – Being told that I must have a minimum number of quizzes, tests, homework, and writing assignments in order to make it easier for students to pass.

#3 – Being told that I must update the online grades once per week.  Then being told that because I updated on Thursday of last week instead of Monday of this week, that it doesn’t count as having an updated grade book.

#2 – Having to turn in lesson plans each week to prove that I’m actually teaching something, instead of having someone come by my classroom and actually watching me teach and give me feedback.

#1 – Entitled and rude students.  Entitled and rude parents.

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