Like I Said

Posted on May 20, 2011


People are stupid.

Yes, my recent blog posts have revealed my lack of patience for stupidity.

Tomorrow is just another example of why I find so many people absurd.

Okay, “so many” is a very big exaggeration.

However, there is some vocal minority that perpetuate this notion that the rapture is upon us.

It just so happens at 6:00 pm only in YOUR particular time zone.  And, considering this is predominantly an American movement, it will probably completely skip the continents of Australia, Asia, and Europe.

I’ve decided to make sure that I have a blog post up tomorrow night to prove that I survived the rapture and that I will be around to see the end of days in October.

That’s right! All those suckers who get saved tomorrow will miss out on the most epic destruction of earth they’ve ever witnessed.  I’m preparing by channeling my inner John Cusack.

To prove how serious I am about the end of days, I’ve also prepared my zombie apocalypse team and have consulted the CDC website on how to prepare.

And, just in case the family and I are taken, I’ve taken measures to make sure that Gwa-il is well-taken care since we can’t take her with us.

Finally, I’ve decided upon a theme song for my ascent into heaven.

Good luck, bloggers and readers!  And, I’ll see you tomorrow night!

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