Summer’s Almost Here

Posted on May 19, 2011


Summer starts June 21st in the northern hemisphere this year.

This summer, I won’t be doing shit.

Well, not the usual shit.

This summer, I won’t be doing the usual summer track camp or the intensive three hour summer training sessions I’ve done in the past.  I might do an hour here and there, but I want the vast majority of my summer devoted to Kokkiree and EyeLean.

Besides, we have a ton of our own shit to get done.  We have to make sure…wait…I have to make sure I sell the house.  We have to get rid of a ton of stuff and start packing (I’ve already done seven boxes), and we have to drive across the country to start a new life together.

I have to make sure Gwa-il isn’t getting fat, and I have to make sure all the loose ends here are tied up neatly and trimmed away.

So, while I will be doing stuff, I just like saying it anyway.

I won’t be doing shit all summer.

Better yet, I won’t be doing shit for this place any more!