Faerie Power

Posted on May 15, 2011


Last year we went to England for Kokkiree’s best-friend’s wedding reception.

We took EyeLean, of course, because we want her to grow up learning about the world and the wonders it has to offer.

Early in the morning, I went for a run through the woods and country roads and farm fields.  It was a soggy boggy Vibram Five-Finger run (as I was breaking them in), where the fog wrapped my head in white curls.

I passed by a magical bridge that lead into another field where rabbits scattered upon feeling my presence.  I’d already passed deer earlier in the day, and I knew that there was something wonderful about the experience at this particular English farm.

EyeLean was five, and filled with enthusiasm and belief in the mysterious and magical.  She has been my savior in many ways.  She is the child of love that wakes up and snuggles me and says, “I love you, Appa!” no matter what kind of morning it is.

She forgives, and she gives you second and third chances.  Even a fourth, if you need one.

At one point during our stay, I told her that I found a magical bridge that would take her over into the realm of fairies and she begged me to take her there.

She trekked through the tall grass and braved the deep ravine and wandered to the other side looking for fairy mushrooms and fairy haunts.  She saw some mushrooms and asked me if there were fairies there, and I said that maybe there were but that they knew we were coming and so that they hid from our sight.

She believed everything.

Or, rather, she let me believe that she believed everything I said.

She’s that kind of girl.  She’ll say it to make you feel special, like that you’ve somehow taught her something amazing and out-of-this-world.

Instead, it is me who is learning things out-of-this-world.  She’s teaching me about the true meaning of love, commitment, and fatherhood.  She’s teaching me what it means to forgive easily and to not dwell on the bad.  She’s teaching me to see the good, and to have more patience for the bad.

Kokkiree and I have once played with faerie cards that are supposed to predict your future.  I didn’t need the cards to tell me that I will always have a magical faerie in my life.  She’s six now.  An age where the magic never ends.

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