Posted on May 12, 2011


So, there is also a dog in this family.

We call her Gwa-il.

She is pretty fruity.

In fact, she’ll eat fruit.

In fact, she’ll eat anything.

I once caught her eating a rock.

Another time I caught her chewing on a piece of mason.

Another time, she crunched a piece of glass.

She also eats chocolate.

She once ate an entire bar of fair-trade organic dark chocolate.  Was she sick? No.  Did she pass out? No.  Vomit? Nothing.

She acted like she always does.

Lately, she’s been chasing squirrels up trees.  She doesn’t actually go up the tree.  The squirrel runs up the tree, then turns around and mocks Gwa-il for not being fast enough.  “Squeak cluck click,” the squirrel says.

Gwa-il whimpers and smiles and whimpers and runs in circles and whimpers and sniffs and claws the tree.  Then, she runs around the grassy area and sniffs the ground then poops.

I enjoy this morning routine.  I get to pick up warm poop, then head back inside and pour some steaming hot coffee.  Gwa-il eats her food, then bolts upstairs to jump on the bed to wake up Kokkiree and EyeLean.  As I’m stirring my coffee and taking the first sips, I can hear “Ahhh…stop it! What is this dog doing on the bed! Nooo….noooo licking!!!”

What’s the point in being the only one awake this early to enjoy Gwa-il’s antics?

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