Reading Pooh

Posted on May 10, 2011


When I first started reading books to EyeLean a few years back, I realized that she was focused.  She would sit criss-cross and dart her eyes across the page looking at each nuance and shape.

If there was a reflection in her way, she’d grab the book and tilt it until she could see what the reflection had whited out.

And that’s when I realized how focused and intent she was on actually knowing what was going on in the story.

Last night I read her a story about Winnie the Pooh.  As I read, I began to realize that she and Christopher Robin are alike in a very specific manner.

Christopher Robin likes to ask the narrator/writer of the Pooh stories for clarification on things he is writing.  Christopher Robin ponders it for a moment and then adds that really it was Pooh Bear that was curious, and he was just asking for the sake of Pooh Bear.

As I read the story last night it began to dawn on me that EyeLean does a similar thing.

“Appa,” she begins.  “Do you know what ______ is?”

“Yes,” I say.  “Do you know what it is?”

“Yes,” she says.  “What is it?”

“I thought you said you know what it is?”

“I do,” she says.  “I’m just making sure that you know what it is.”

“Oh,” I pause.  “That’s very nice of you to make sure.”

At this point, I generally tell her what it is.  She then agrees and says, “I was just making sure you knew.”

Yes, EyeLean.  I knew.  I knew you didn’t know.  And I don’t care.  It’s a sweet moment for us to share.  Just don’t drag a stuffed animal around the house and continue asking me to write about you and your animal…

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