Deleting Friends on Facebook

Posted on May 9, 2011


Whose profiles these are, I think I know.

Their real personalities just don’t show.

They do not know I deleted them.

Profiles disappearing into snow.

At first I resisted.  And then I succumbed.  At one point, I had over 450 “friends” on Facebook.

I’ve added, then deleted old high school friends.  I’ve added, then deleted college friends.

There were friends of friends who wanted to be friends.

Today, I have 150.  I could probably pare that down by another 100 people who never interact with me.  And by never, I mean never.  Not a like, or even a poke.

So, as I ween myself from the excess of too-much-information about people-pretending-to-be-people I realize that I may be saying goodbye to the past.  Sometimes I may be burning bridges.  But, when the cosmic backlash against my profile butchering occurs, I hope it’s in the form of a trojan virus and not a real-life train railing me in two.

Until then, be careful what you say.  I may hit delete once more.  I like even numbers in groups of tens.  So if you say something, I may have to delete other people.  Don’t be the one to kill their hopes and dreams of remaining on my list.

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