Posted on May 6, 2011



Sometimes eating is a necessity. Sometimes eating is a luxury.
Either way, savor each bite.

There are times when I am too exhausted to cook.  I don’t even want to pull something out of the freezer to prepare.

Then, there are times when I really like piecing a meal together.  I like putting a meal on the table that I know will be enjoyed.

Generally, those nights I browse the edges of the grocery store where the fresh food lies.  I select something on sale, or something we’ve talked about trying.  I also remember to choose one thing for the little one because she is particular about what will go into her mouth, remain there, and be chewed and swallowed.

So, tonight, I selected mussels (on sale – $2 off!), and fresh Chorizo sausage.  They combine nicely with some proper spice on the mussels, and over a bed of couscous and quinoa.  A glass of white is perfect with these (anything less than $10 is good).

Good conversation with my love, a dinner where I’m not asking the little to stop this or that, and a relaxing after-dinner with dessert.

It isn’t always in the script, but sometimes you just have to improvise.

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